Dear ABEO BOD, ECM, Advisors, General member and the Bangladeshi Engineering community of Ontario.
The countdown for the Mother Language Day  is on, it is now less then a month left. This year 2021 will herald a new era for the Bengali community in Canada, the first and the only Language Monument  in Canada establish  and constructed by Organization for Toronto International Mother Language Day Monument Inc. (OTIMLDM Inc)- to commemorate the martyrs of the Language Movement in Bangladesh on February 21st, 1952 – 85% of the work is completed in the heart city of Toronto Bangla Town in west side of Dantona Park .
For the Bangladeshi-Canadian community it is a sacrosanct gratification and probably the last opportunity to join hands of the Bengali community to complete its full construction. It is a joint venture project with the City of Toronto and OTIMLDM Inc.  Many community individuals, organizations others are giving financial strength for the completion of  this Monument. Since ABEO is a professional organization within the Bangladeshi Community in Ontario.  So ABEO has launched a final fundraising drive for the Bangladeshi Engineering community, based on a strong appeal from its members. Please contribute generously at the following link below:-


Target Amount: $5,000.00

Total Donation : $ 2,103.00

ABEO is committed to preserve donor privacy. 



ABEO “Shaheed Minar” Fund

ABEO is collecting fund for the construction of Toronto Shaheed Minar. Come join with us and participate in building the national monument.