1. COVID–19; ABEO Humanitarian Assistance Endeavor 

Target Amount: $10,000.00

Total Donation : $ 4,200.00

COVID-19 has already caused over one hundred thousand death across the world. Billions are under isolation and liquidity crisis. We appeal to global community to Donate ABEO Humanitarian Assistance Fund
ABEO is committed to preserve donor privacy. Donor’s particulars required (Only for internal use): Name, Location, Email, Telephone.
  1. You can donate any amount you desire.
  2. Once you proceed to checkout, you require to  to fill up a form with the information mentioned above
  3. Once you click to proceed to Paypal, you will be taken to the Paypal secured environment to pay for the donation. You may choose guest check out if you do not have a Paypal account
  4. Once payment is successful, our website will email you the donation confirmation.


ABEO _Canada-COVID19


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